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As trailblazers in blockchain research, development and consultancy, are helping to create the future.

Our open-source blockchain framework was designed to allow you to build the next-generation of decentralised applications, easily and quickly. Currently, we are in the process of using our framework to build out the network, which will be the most resilient public blockchain network ever created when we are finished.

We research, we develop, we open-source, you build. network

To create the most resilient blockchain network in existence, we need servers. Importantly, we need a global network of dedicated servers to help bootstrap our network, because when we say resilient, we mean resilient. Unfortunately, servers cost money so we have launched our latest initiative.

Introducing the
Initial Donation Offering

Our IDO enables our supporters to help us fund our blockchain network and in return receive a ERC20 compliant Lemmingchain Support Token (LST), as a token of our appreciation. LST is a capped token with a fixed supply of 500,000, so when the last token is minted we cannot create anymore. For each 1 ETH donated sponsors will receive 5 LST until our total supply limit has been reached.

Total LST minted (so far)

100,000 of 500000



  • Framework Flexibility

    Swappable consensus mechanisms, configurable blocks, scalable networks

  • Programmer Centric

    Enables existing smart programmers to become smart blockchain programmers

  • Modular Design

    Adhering to best practices has produced an easy to follow code base

  • Cost Effective

    Save time and money with the easiest to use blockchain framework available


At we like push the boundaries. To fund the research & development required to produce a next-generation blockchain framework we have two mechanisms, consultancy and our IDO initiative. Funding raised from these endeavours is then pumped back into research & development. This enables us to further develop our framework, which we open-source, for you to use, for free, forever.

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