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At we are helping to create the future.

Our open-source blockchain framework was designed to allow you to build the next-generation of decentralised applications, easily and quickly.

We research, we develop, we open-source, you build.


  • Programmer Centric

    Enables existing smart programmers to become smart blockchain programmers

  • Modular Design

    Adhering to best practices has produced an easy to follow code base

  • Framework Flexibility

    Swappable consensus mechanisms, configurable blocks, scalable networks

  • Cost Effective

    Save time and money with the easiest to use blockchain framework available


At we consider ourselves traditional futurists. To pay for the research & development required to produce a next-generation blockchain framework, we offer a range of consultancy services. Funding raised from these services is then pumped back into research & development. This enables us to further develop our framework, which we open-source, for you to use, for free, forever.

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As a world leader in blockchain research and development, offer a range of blockchain consultancy services. Blockchain technology is a new and highly specialised area of computing, so why not leverage our existing team of blockchain experts to fulfill your research and development needs in a timely and cost effective manner. We have found this collaborative approach negates the need for clients to build out their own blockchain function, which can be a timely and costly endeavour. Everything from research and proofs-of-concept, to prototypes, MVPs and rolling out production releases, we are here to help, guide and build.

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Get started with our open-source blockchain framework.

[ Available March 2018 ]

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