Build the future is a dedicated blockchain consultancy focused on cutting-edge research and development in the blockchain space.

We believe in the disruptive capacity of blockchain technology as a catalyst for global transformation. However, to reach this potential a collaborative effort is required with organisations working together to engage with this revolutionary new technology.

Our consultancy enables our business partners to do just that and together we can build the future.

Dedicated blockchain consultancy

Our dedicated team of blockchain consultants adhere to a streamlined development process which reduces the costs associated with engaging with a new and innovative technology such as blockchain. From ideation through to product rollout our team are at hand to guide business partners on their decentralized journey.

  • R & D

    Actively engaging in research & development in blockchain technology enables business partners to remain at the cutting-edge of innovation.

  • POC

    Proof-of-concept (POC) projects enable business partners to identify the correct use case for blockchain technology within their organization.

  • MVP

    Minimum Viable Product (MVP) projects enable business partners to carry out iterative market testing before launching a full-scale product.

  • Production-ready

    Production-ready projects facilitate business partners to fully engage in new and emerging decentralized markets.


The hades-network is a next generation, enterprise ready, asset digitization platform developed using the blockchain framework.

It's unique flexible design offers business partners a choice of consensus mechanisms, reduced development costs and up to 100K transactions per second.

The raindow-chain mechanism enables easy migration from the hades-network to a custom network build if required.

Cost effective BaaS billing is available as standard ensuring our business partners can effectively and easily manage their budget.

Open-source blockchain framework

Our open-source blockchain framework enables those wishing to engage with blockchain technology on a technical level to do so with ease. Our framework is actively maintained by the team at and is freely available under an Apachce-2.0 licence. Our framework was designed to enable programmers to create private permissioned blockchain networks, quickly and easily. It is written in Java and adheres to design and coding best practices.

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Our team

  • Tony Winters


  • Shane O'Brien


  • Eric Duffy

    Founder started as a community-led blockchain meetup called Beerchain whose members included some of the best tech talent in Dublin's Silicon Docks. This meetup focused on the technical aspects of blockchain technology and undertook a number of internal projects. One such project was called project lemming, which focused on creating a blockchain enabled application used to manage digital assets. Members of the Beerchain meetup were asked to demo this project at a showcase event ahead of the European Blockchain for Finance 2017. Due to the outstanding feedback received after this event a number of Beerchain members decided to found a dedicated blockchain consultancy, aptly named The rest, is the future.